105 Clint Richardson

August 20, 2022 02:31:17
105 Clint Richardson
13 Questions podcast
105 Clint Richardson

Aug 20 2022 | 02:31:17


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William James Strutner

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Clint Richardson is my real name. I stand up and take responsibility for any and all content and actions by myself. No Pseudo, corporate, or stage names necessary. For I am living without straw.

This blog represents countless hours of research into the complex structure of society and the organized crime syndicate called “government”. I offer this without profit or motive, without sponsor or advertising. In this way, I hope to promote unbiased and unhindered information that is both based on the ancient liberal arts (trivium) and without fallacy, mixed with my own brand of sarcastic but sharply painful commentary of what is reality.

As a virtual matrix is of artificiality is being built up around us, and as we unwittingly accept and wallow in this destructive social media, this blog is all I can do to cry out in the digital wilderness before we all fall in too deep. The real world is crumbling while this virtual reality is built up and sparkling new each and every year. And as our actions against tyranny continuously get redirected to this false reality of artificiality in an inter-connected trap we call the inter-net, crimes against humanity go unchecked within the real world as un-empathetic corporations are protected from harm by unethical politicians.

And so, with a small and totally independent voice I research and write.

As this artificial digital social world of media repulses me with every new upgrade, my participation in it will likely stay limited to this blog and my movies. I have no desire to be part of a brave new world of trans-humanity…

After nearly four years of continuous contributions to this blog, I must disclaim that many of my previous misconceptions in earlier posts have been changed and corrected in later posts – a necessary learning curve for such a monstrously and purposefully obfuscating history written by the controllers and victors of the past. And I suppose that of the subjects I write about today, I will need this same disclaimer in another four years! The most important lesson is that there is never a final lesson; that the humility of being passionate but wrong is the most important learning tool of all, if one can only recognize the virtue of overcoming ego.

May this information enlighten and provoke you as well to break free of this virtual world before it ensnares you in the helpless frequencies of digital futility and servitude to the real.

Visit Clint's Blog: RealityBloger.wordpress.com/

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